(A Knowledge Sharing and Networking Community)


We, the captains and leaders of the ETSY TEAMS FELLOWSHIP SOCIETY, have come together to provide our service to one another and to the Etsy community.  To provide each other, our members and all Etsy stores a Knowledge,  Education and Network Sharing  Community.  Together 33 original teams who have won the ETSY FELLOWSHIP AWARD have chosen to become an advanced mass promotion and co-networking group of artists and sellers on Etsy.  By finding and meeting one another in the Etsy Fellowship Program we started to realize one grand thing we had in common, that we were the the guides at the front of a massive adventure in promotional and marketing for large groups of people and the knowledge and information we held as the higher ups, could not only help our members stores, but also one another in achieving our goals and our team’s goals.     We are Knowledge and Experience based as a group, we will strive to teach and share what we have learned on our own, and by choice have  decided to rally together to really be a tight knit  Etsy community of hard working etsians who are mostly home and small business based sellers who want to change the world we live in one craft, sale, or art share at a time.  As a group we believe in sustainability, in family values, and in the right for all people to be able to be treated with kindness  and equality as sellers on the internet.

The Participating members are all amazing people and if you’ve been invited here your work on your teams has been acknowledged and is respected… and we congratulate you! Everyone raise your right hand.. place it on your left shoulder and pat three times


I would like to Introduce you to your FIRST LEADERS of the FABULOUS SOCIETY WE HAVE CREATED.



First on the Roster is Mary Beth from retromonkeys (PatternPatter)

Welcome Mary Beth!

She will be the Head of our Newsletter Department

(this is going to be a amazing resource where we will not only provide educational how to team posts, but we will also be reposting from the blogs you already do and networking in a family way.) She will be your editor who will decide with me what will be re-posted

Next we have Kim of Vintage Paige or – DR. Kim (EcoChic)

… ok.. well maybe she’s not a medical professional, or a real PHD, but she’s been on Etsy quite a good while and with her knowledge and experience will be the Head of our Teams Education Department

(I found by being a fellow that we all have done some dynamic work with our teams, and that many people can benefit from our personal experience.. We will make how to’s for how we do all of our social media, about campaigns to assist sellers, step by steps to learn different ways to promote, help and get your members more sales… these will all be posted here in our group and the most important of them will be used in our blog to be available for all to learn from!)

*All our fellowship team members will be part of this department as crucial contributors, any information they have to share is always welcome)

Kim Grassie Konen

Our Etsy Administration leader who will be assisting with questions team events and adding events to our team calendar.  She will be inviting all of the new members from the Fellowships from here on out as a reward as they complete their fellowship quarters.  A wonderful asset to this team and ETSY!

Also on our Roster of Greatness is

Norma from TrueColorsBotique  (Young at Heart)

who will be always available for ANY QUESTIONS NEEDS Help GUIDANCE, CHAT, and to help guide and research throughout our adventures. I’m calling her our DEN MOTHER.. like a serority or pack of this is our GO-TO woman for ANSWERS! There are no dumb questions here! Anything you want to know.. just ask… we are an open forward thinking visionary group of people and are open to help with all of your needs.

Last but not least me, Jen Liput – team captain 🙂

(deadhead art alliance) and (ETSY TEAMS FELLOWSHIP SOCIETY)

Consider this like team like a sailing sea ship and I’m the captain- I will be available at all times to assist and guide the captains and leaders of the team.

I personally will be starting to work on our -ETSY TEAMS FELLOWSHIP SOCIETY TEAM MONTHLY CALENDAR  – TEAM EVENTS ORGANIZATION and on EDUCATION and NETWORKING – I plan so arrange a web page where all of our teams will be represented with information about who we are, what we’re about, and provide a go to place for all of the links to our team’s services… and to see what you should be teaching your team or giving them a heads up on the current events and marketing dates

We will be introducing you to team games for promotional in team fun, we will also be providing Fellowship Games… which will allow us to take what we do on our teams, we’ll bring the links here, network, share and show the best of what Etsy and Etsy Teams have to offer. Etsy Teams in general has separated the zillions of interests of Etsians all over the world, and we will bring them back together in a unity of support.

Through this team We will accept the members from future fellowship programs, who will be invited by Etsy Administration when they win new fellowships in the future to learn and teach just as we do… sharing information is a crucial part of learning, growing, and success.

– If you are a visionary who would like to help run this team like these women and men have, apply for the ETSY TEAMS FELLOWSHIP.

We are going to be the guiding light to the Etsy teams who have won fellowships to assist in building the knowledge and support systems needed to run TEAMS on Etsy.  As teams are a reflection of the Captains style of how they run their society and Interests and Passions of thousands of People, there is no one right way to run a team, BUT, we stand to support one another by sharing of our knowledge, information and techniques to exist as well as Providing an all in one place where we can refer to MONTHLY for a calendar of events to share with our teams to keep us up to date, and in the loop of crucial information that needs to be shared with our teams members and all people who love Etsy.

There are so many great happenings that get missed just because we don’t find out about them or we find out too late.   We hope to bridge that gap.

We would like to thank our venue, and our Etsy administration Representative Kim Konen who has been here for us over the years give us the tools and pride to be the guides support system and friends we have become.

Not only is a team a place to meet like minded people and other Etsy buyers and sellers, but it’s a community we feel that should be built on mutual respect, with the goal to help one another succeed.



A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.

Team members (1) operate with a high degree of interdependence, (2) share authority and responsibility for self-management, (3) are accountable for the collective performance, and (4) work toward a common goal and shared rewards(s). A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members.



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Shout out from ETSY CAPTAINS QUARTERS to some of the Fellowship winning teams from our Q2 Program:

deadheadartalliance fellowshoutout

Thank you to Etsy. Thank You to our Etsy Administration representative, Kim, who read our words and heard our voice, and to the Etsy community we are happy to be part of and blessed and proud to represent in a positive way and we thank you for the wonderful kindness and platform to show our heart through our art, to know one another, and to exist and feed our families.



Thank you, From the Captains and Leaders of the ETFS!


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