Team of the Month – SEPTEMBER – EcoChic

CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our 1st ever TEAM OF THE MONTH!
EcoChic TEAM

About this team
EcoChic is a team of enthusiastic vintage jewelry and accessory sellers who wish to improve shop sales while enjoying each others company. Vintage jewelry makes up the majority of the inventory in their shops. Innovative co-operative marketing methods are encouraged. Experienced, passionate, and fun loving sellers make up this group. EcoChic formed in 2010 and have around 300 members.

Captain: Leesa-Waalaa
Leader-Rebecca-Rebecca’s Vintage Salon
Leader-Lisa-Decorating Yourself

Captain Leesa Waalaa

from her about page “Etsy is such a wonderful community, and I am so fortunate to be a part of it! I have the privilege to be a leader on two fabulous vintage teams, and I am honored to call the members my dear friends.

We Love Vintage! Do You?”

link below to read more about her many supporting roles on Etsy:

We thank you Leesa for guiding a great Team and for all the time it takes to be a captain.

she is the applying member from EcoChic and a fabulous leader of the

some items from her store………

Leader-Rebecca-Rebecca’s Vintage Salon
Leader-Lisa-Decorating Yourself

Our original Captain started our team as a place for Vintage Jewelry sellers to come together with their knowledge to support one another in an environment that was caring and non-judgemental.”  The current captain and leaders have carried on this tradition of caring for each other and promoting each other’s shops.   We feel like a family – a vintage family!  EcoChic, to us, means sustainable fashion – items that are fashionable and beautiful, but also green and great for the environment!

“Selling Vintage can be difficult because you do not get the exposure that handmade does and staying relevant and seen is the hardest part.” Kim
We are a close knit and supportive team willing to help each other in many ways, including educating members – both new and old – about vintage jewelry and its history, supporting each other during personal difficulties and tragedies, and helping each other to promote our vintage jewels both on Etsy and within the global community through social media.

EcoChic – Promoting and preserving the history & beauty of vintage jewelry as an affordable, “green” sustainable fashion!

I think in the future we will continue to support and love each other and strive to help each member through education, help with promotion, and introduction to social media, spreading the message that vintage jewelry is a piece of history worth treasuring, saving and celebrating.
Here are some links to some of their member’s stores, we could only publish a few so remember to go to their team to enjoy their work or view through our gallery below.

I’m starting to really love EcoChic!

Sharing a great team thread from EcoChic on doing a Blitz for Pinterest game they are playing .. great job motivating your members to use their social media!

Hi everybody! This is our Tuesday Social Media Blitz thread for Pinterest! Below are some basic instructions on how to promote your shop and your teamies’ shops!

Pinterest Daily Thread:

1. Pin the url link from Pinterest of (1) one of your shop’s items after posting it to Pinterest. Then go to Pinterest and click on one of your boards, choosing the one you want repinned by your teammates, click on the blank or white area within the pin to get the url link, then copy and paste it here in this thread.

2. Come back to the thread and reciprocate those who posted after you for the day by liking, and pinning to one of your boards, I created one just for Ecochic members items on my pinterest boards, but you can call your board whatever you like.

3. When you are done, say cuth(caught up to here) or simply (done), and post in this thread so we know you have reciprocated everyone for the day.

4. If you miss a day, don’t worry, just please keep up with the day you are posting, and re-visit at the end of the day, or asap.

Pinterest is one of the FIVE best sources of views for many shops. StumbleUpon, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook are the other four. We will be doing one Social Media site for each day of the week, so we chose these 5 sites. Lets get the biggest bang for our buck and last of all, don’t forget to have fun.

Good luck to everyone, and happy pinning!