Etsy Fellowship Team Feature- TAGT Team

TAGT team began in 2010, when the Etsy Treasury system was alive and well. Our mission was to bring much-needed exposure to shops that otherwise would never be seen on what was once, Etsy’s Front Page. The same shops were always being featured over and over on the Front Page, and we decided to use the Treasury to help the rest of Etsians have a chance at being discovered.

We work hard to make our treasuries stand out in the crowd, by choosing well photographed items, interesting and entertaining titles and themes, and great color combinations.
Not only do we make a lot of treasuries, but we teach our members how to improve their own shops, clean up their photos and staging of items, SEO, tagging, prices, etc. We are really like a family. Most of our members have been on the team at least 4 years.
I ,Leanna am the Team Captain, and my leaders both live in my same state. We broke off from another team, because we knew the treasury was going to be better for exposure, and the other team didn’t share our views. My sister is one of the other leaders, and owner of AntlerPantryk, and SewcialGraces. Kathy, a good friend is the remaining leader, and owner of Readesign, TravelingGypsies, WithAllMyArt, and DixieVintageShoppe. These ladies are a great help to me!
We would love to see the Treasury have more prominence on Etsy again, because it is really hard to be seen here now, but even if that doesn’t happen, TAGT Team will continue to help other Etsians get a little of the limelight!
We have a new board on Pinterest, which also helps Etsy shops get some exposure. It is here: