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Introducing the Etsy Christmas in July Team  for makers from around the World. This worldwide team was established to share ideas, tips, and goals for Etsy shops to get actively involved in Christmas in July.

TEAM URL IS: https://www.etsy.com/teams/12798/christmas-in-july



This team was founded to be a discussion group to let other sellers know about the Etsy community driven event held every July. The team has grown in size and in its direction so that now it is a year round team! The team has such a variety of sellers and I cannot wait to introduce you to them!

Etsy Christmas in July Team was founded June 6th 2012 and the team has 3032 members and 19 leaders. This team is one of the award winning Fellowship Teams.

Let’s meet the Leadership!


Michelle and Dave (Captain)



Michelle has molded the team into what it is now! She has infused the team with her innovative ideas and big picture outlook! She always keeps the leaders going with her energetic and endearing ways.

Michelle sells metal stamping sets, drill bit sets, jewelry pliers, hammers, vises, metalworking tools, magnification, jewelry tools, craft tools and hobby tools.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EviesToolEmporium

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eviestool

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/eviestool

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Blog leaders:

Alicia of AliciasFindings

Amy of BeadsandThreadsbyAmy

Ashley of FrenchSoulKnittery

Dawn of DeeDeeDeesigns

Elizabeth of CottageCraftsOnline

Jen of CaffeinatedPapercuts

Megha of byTheArtBug

Tracy of LittleShopofColor

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Social Media Leaders:


Ashley of FrenchSoulKnittery

Megha ofbyTheArtBug

Sandra of Ankleknits

Candy of TrueEarthDesigns

il_170x135.795261852_tktu  il_170x135.795276235_aebl    il_170x135.608296579_5z7e





Patricia of northandsouthshabby

Lia of Ghirlandiamo

Angie of CraftyMom75

il_170x135.737190978_eg8c     il_170x135.794270335_aouxil_170x135.622923012_msva





Betty of LadySnooks

Nancy of EponasCrystals

Kristy Jo of KrystalKlarityBeads

Barbara of MermaidsHatbox

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CIJ Blog: https://etsychristmasinjuly.wordpress.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/EtsyChristmasInJuly

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/etsycij/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EtsyCIJ

You can easily find team members items by using the team tag(CIJ or ChistmasinJuly).















Our team of the month of April is The Ladies and Gents Club. They chose this name to attract shops from the entire Etsy Community and be a place where both men and women can feel at home learning, promoting and socializing.    Our team was born on April 25, 2014 and is 184 members strong and growing.

current members list:


About this team:
LGC boasts that they are here to help each other to succeed. The easiest way to be a team member and learn about Etsy is to hit the floor running and jump right in! We were all new to Etsy at one time – having someone or a team to show you the ropes is a great advantage. If you want to meet people, make new friends – friends that will help you succeed – then this is the place where you can be all you want to be!

The leadership team:


Cindyanne – Captain
MoreFriendsAndCo MrOzNaps



Stacey – Co-Captain / Leader



Liz – Leader
LittleBlueBirdSays LittleBlueBirdBakes



Vicky – Leader



Deb – Leader



Sue – Leader


Cindyanne is the Team Captain and not only runs LGC but she is teacher, mentor, and friend. She always makes time to welcome the new team members or to help out anyone with their shop. Cindyanne trains all of the leaders.    If she does not know the answer to a question you can be sure she will find it for you.



Stacey helps where ever she is needed. She sends emails, invitations, runs BNR and BNS boards and creates promotion threads and treasuries. Stacey is also the Administrator of the LGC Team page for the Etsy Fellowship Society keeping the team members’ items posted and looking awesome! She posts items and treasuries on the Ladies and Gents Club Pinterest pages.


Liz is our resident DJ on the weekly Supper Club BNR. Liz has music in her soul and is the perfect hostess of the “Name That Tune” game bringing shops together for a few hours of fun and music trivia. She hosts the Shop of the Week – always looking for a shop that needs a little extra Etsy love. Liz is the LGC Facebook



Administrator is responsible for bringing in new members and posts items from team members’ shops daily. She also coordinates the Sweet 16 Treasury Promo checking to be sure shops that sign up follow through with their commitment and follow the rules.

Deb is the Membership Coordinator and is responsible for sending welcome letters to all new members. She does a wonderful job answering questions and guiding newbies in the right direction. Deb is known as the Treasury Diva! She loves to promote both old and new team members and follows up with featured shops to invite them into the Team.



Vicky is the Administrator of the LGC Team Page. Our team page is always up to date as new items are added to shops. She promotes the LGC Team on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Vicky is responsible for bringing daily chats to the team – a place where everyone can talk about what is going on in their lives in general, not just Etsy.



Sue is the team resident Coupon Clipper. She checks and adds coupons to the BNR/BNS boards, helps send invitations and is a great social chatter on the boards.



All leaders of the Ladies and Gents Club are cross-trained to be able to step up at any given time to host an event, start a discussion thread or solve problems. The leaders understand that if you put in the work, it will happen. Remember to keep things in perspective – if it won’t be important in a month or a year do not to let it get to you. LGC leadership holds a weekly Skype conference to discuss hot topics and plan upcoming events.

One of the main events the Ladies and Gents Club is sponsoring this year is a BRIDAL EXPO in June. This will allow the team to showcase our products specifically for Etsy customers searching for wedding and bridal items. Since June is the most popular time of the year for weddings and bridal showers we want a central location to meet those demands.  Be sure to watch for more information as the time draws near.

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The Ladies and Gents Club is a 6 time winner of the Fellowship Award.    Cindyanne received the award in Q3, Q4 2014 and Q1 2015. Stacey received the award in Q3 and Q4 2014. Liz received the award in Q4 2014. Cindyanne, Stacey, Vicky, Deb and Sue are currently awaiting Q2 enrollment for 2015. Cindyanne has brought many ideas to the team from the Fellowship. She shares what she has learned on our discussion page and is always updating current topics. As a direct result of sharing what the leaders have learned through the Fellowship, LGC has active pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and has a strong presence in Etsyverse and the Fellowship Teams Page. Many of our discussion threads stem from conversations and blogs on the Captains Quarters Team – Shop Critiques and Tags to name a few.

LGC has promotional threads on the Team discussions page.

A few of the popular games are the ABC GAME where you post an item from your shop that corresponds with the letters of the alphabet. The FOLLOW THE LEADER GAME is a fun one where you post something from your shop that matches the color of the item before you.    A few other popular threads are Post 2 Fave 5 and the Bragging Board that features team members that got caught doing something fantastic like being featured on the Etsy Trending Pages, in a blog or magazine article. LGC strongly believes in acknowledging every achievement for its team members. A popular treasury promo is FRIENDS R US where 8 current members’ shops and 8 potential members are featured. This is a great promo activity to let the community know what LGC is all about and give them a taste of the hospitality the Ladies and Gents Club has to offer. LGC has a mandatory one treasury per month, per member rule.

LGC is the known for the NAME THAT TUNE GAME.    The game is played during the weekly BNR.   Liz sends out a few lyrics from a song and waits for someone in the gallery to give the correct answer. One point is awarded for the correct title of the song and one point is awarded for the correct artist. In the event there is more than one artist famous for the particular song it is at the discretion of the Maestro to decide on the winner. No purchase is necessary to participate in the game and it is ok to Google your response. At the end of the night all winners are entered into a drawing by random.org for a free spot on a future BNR board.


One of the Team’s favorite blitz promos is the HEART ATTACK!  LGC has a HEART ATTACK once a month to promote the shops’ new items and brings the team together for 12 hours of heart-ing, fun and fellowship. The ultimate result of the HEART ATTACK is the CPR that comes afterward – CUSTOMER PURCHASE REQUESTS! You must be a member of the team to participate in the HEART ATTACK. Come join the fun and set your stats on fire!


The LGC Team Slogan is:
“When you succeed, we succeed and when we succeed, you succeed!


The dream for the Ladies and Gents Club is to increase their membership and to help each other succeed, to be part of the new and exciting changes at Etsy and continue to grow at a steady pace with active members. LGC will remain a team that helps members both new and established, find the dream they were hoping for when they opened their Etsy shop.

Advice to other team Captains:
Be sure to acknowledge everyone for what they do, there is no deed or accomplishment too small for recognition.

Thank you for all you do!