Introducing Deadhead Art Alliance

Crafts by Deadheads, Lot Rats, Swilly mamas, live music lovers, nomads and crafting tour kids. Sharing our way of life through love and art.


You can find us From the lots of the dead shows to the far reaching ends of the universe, We are a group of artists that have seen the love of the family in one anothers art, and as independent artisans, family businesses and artists have come together as a team to promote our artistic creations. We take great pride in handmade, and We hope you take the time to get to know each individual artist, every one with their own story, and their own heart.


DHAA is lead by a group of 13 – A magical number, and comprised of leaders from around the globe and the different hot spots for our deadhead community as to provide a well rounded and world based group of leaders to guide and support our group.   We are not just a team, we are a FAMILY., we market ourselves as such, and are grateful to know one another.

Jen PACIFICNWGLASS – Team Captain and Founder

DSCN9089 - Version 3




Cherry Hippy Frank – Greeter



Fiona the happy mushroom – Assistant Treasury

me in yurt and on beach


Beks The Elvish Acorn – Secret Santa



Danielle TreeHouseCreations – Newsletter



Maggie-Jane – Quilt Collaboration Projekt



Josh Mongo Arts – invites and FB Fan Page


Jen xDropBearStitcheryx – Treasury Leader and Graphic Artist



Amy EverydayPixie – Random Acts of Kindness



Debbie ThunderRose – Daily Chat Visionary Elder and FB Group

100_6636 (683x1024)


Margaret – Mountain Girl Clothing – our first leader who joined me at the start of the team.. a great inspiration for long time sellers on Etsy.. and on the 100 top seller category in Etsy.



Deadhead Art Alliance – Support


We believe in being the change we want to see in the world, and as the eyes of the world, we communicate our needs and respectfully strive to support each other not only through Etsy, but in our personal lives, via social media, and beyond into real life.  We’ve crafted a network that extends to the ends of the universe and beyond and we are truly everywhere.

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face

We started in 2012 and within 1 month had already grown to 150 members, and now are close to 900 only a short 2 1/2 years later., We’ve also grown by our social media groups 10 fold, now boasting over 2500 in our FB group and a generous amount of supporters and followers on our Facebook Fan Page.  Our blog is a hub for learning about our members and a great place for our community to look to for inspiration and real life stories of how our members have become artists, how they overcome their hardships, and showings of pride and the lovely families they are able to support.  All this possible by connecting and sharing our bonds with one another.



Many Many years ago there was a great man named Jerry Garcia, and a band of forward thinking musically and socially inspired beings called the Grateful Dead.  This group through it’s eclectic art, extensive touring, and can do attitude gained the love and respect of billions of us who loyally follow them from state to state, from country to country, and beyond.  We’ve learned acceptance, we’ve learned that love can lead the way, and best of all, that being together makes us happy.

Life goes much further than what you see in the stores of Etsy Sellers, there is a heart and a soul in there, a person, a dream, a past, and a need to survive.  We are here to be part of it all.

Team Founder Jen K. Liput Drumme with Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead
Team Founder Jen K. Liput Drumme with Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead

We are not only a Team.. we are a FAMILY and a COMMUNITY
we thrive on live music, have our fingers on the pulse of what’s new on the lot and have a vibrant group of festival and online sellers.

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We offer knowledge, shared information, we provide an open daily support system for each other and everyone is invited to bring their current needs to the table for a group mind to help solve.
A team is only as strong as it’s network, captain and Leadership., I’m on many teams, Some provide information only.. some provide just a place to put your name.. some are useless, and some like the team we’ve created provide a well rounded source of support for your selling and personal lives.
we do extensive networking
Seller education
Seo Networking
sell at festivals and fairs together
host each other at venues
collective projects and arts
online craft parties
Etsy in person craft party hosting
Massive social media Campaigns
Group Sales
Support for your personal lives and family through a caring group base
Sellers receive and provide mass promotional support for each other and directly through the social media sites that the TEAM has provided.
and more!
We are only over 2 years old and are blessed with almost 900 members on Etsy today as well as over 2600 members that are actively building each others stores through Facebook and even more on various other social media.. Including a great fan base!

Etsy Team TAG: deadhead art team
over 2400 listings tagged so far!…

This team is run by 100% volunteers! We do not get paid -we live off of good vibes and hearing about all the good sales our artists are making… seeing a photo of our artists smiling families is always grate too!, we hope you learn that you benefit from networking and sharing others work, visiting from time to time and posting your new listings in the group so we can get your work up and seen on Social Media. Basically – We take what they already do for yourself and help you make the most out of it!

We also do an Annual quilt project. -We are a collaborating team of skilled artists and we’ve come together and made a DEADHEAD QUILT. This is a 100% voluntary team project and for our first one we had over 25 artists from Etsy who made squares for it and our sweet team leader KnottyMama sews it all together into a one of a kind CREATION!



We have a Team Website that we use Advertise our team members goods


HASHTAG: #deadheadartalliance

here are some of the social media sites we share on. People who are interested in being a leading part in this team are chosen by the good things they are seen doing for us- if you have any questions ideas or are a visionary who sees a way they can be a part of our network and sharing community on a higher level are always appreciated.

you can contact the captain Jen anytime with questions or team leader and GREETER Cherry from and we will do our best to guide you.



A great way to get to know the artists of this team. We choose an artist of the month every month and do product reviews !!! We choose our AOTM from the active participants on the Etsy group Page

Etsy teams group page

Etsy Gallery Pages:


Pinterest Community Board:


Deadhead Art Alliance google community

easy DeadheadArtAlliance team store

twitter- @DeadheadArt

Facebook Group

Deadhead Art Alliance Facebook fan page

Deadhead Art Alliance

want need love!!!
Our Team page:

Our monthly newsletter will provide updates on vital information for sellers, up to date info on our goings on., special listings for opportunities and voting rights for the teams surveys contests and events comes with your subscription., and more including follow ups on the events we throw and our successes. Contact Danielle at TreeHouseCreations to be added


Sponsorship and advertising:
We invite any member or supporter at any time to sponsor and advertise with the team by giving $5 on any given month to be highlighted in our newsletter. We will make a treasury in your honor which you can help name!
contact for mailing address or Paypal.. we accept check, money order or Paypal. Please title your email request with team sponsorship request- and we will set up arrangements for the payment and have our treasury department contact you to find out what you’d like the theme for your sponsored treasury ( or easy advertising gallery ) to be.


We support all Etsy types of Sellers and supporters- Let us know what we can do for you! I look forward to you coming by and showing us who you are!, Jen
team Captain
deadhead art alliance

Link to Deadhead Art Alliance Team on Etsy


contact info:
captain email
general contact for the team

Photo credit: Grateful Dead via Pinterest
Photo credit: Grateful Dead via Pinterest


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